Here are some articles and projects Warren has managed while serving as Senior Science Editor of and

thumbnail for blurbThe Only Cases of HIV Cure or Remission

These are the most solidly documented cases of a “functional HIV cure” or “sustained HIV remission” that we know of today. This article has over 1,000 Facebook recommends.

thumbnail for blurbThis Week in HIV Research

This Week in HIV Research is a weekly column I created to highlight interesting developments in HIV research and clinical science.

thumbnail for blurbZika Virus and HIV/AIDS: Similarities and Differences

The recent Zika outbreak has been drawing comparisons to the HIV pandemic (as well as the recent Ebola epidemic). So, what is Zika, and how does it compare with HIV?

thumbnail for blurb5 HIV Stories We’re Talking About: From Donald Trump to Nancy Reagan

5 HIV Stories We’re Talking About is another series I created where my colleagues and I discuss some of the HIV-related stories making waves in mainstream media.

thumbnail for blurbWhat’s the Most Overlooked Issue in HIV Care Today?

Here are some interviews that my colleagues and I conducted at a recent conference with leading HIV experts and advocates.

thumbnail for blurbCoverage of CROI 2016: The 23rd Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections

CROI is the largest annual HIV conference, where typically the most important discoveries in HIV research and science are presented.

thumbnail for blurbSpotlight Center on Caring for the Newly Diagnosed Patient

This spotlight center aims to help providers set the foundation for a patient’s long-term immune health and wellness.

thumbnail for blurbSpotlight Center on Hepatitis C

This spotlight center provides basic overviews, research updates, and expert perspectives on hepatitis C.

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